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Chi Diffuser Attachment

The chi pro classic red metallic professional hair dryingerd diffuser is perfect for using with your professional hair dryers to create a diffuser effect. The concentrationrator is a new, addition that helps keep the hair dryingerd active and keeping the diffuser from staying on the key. This can be used as a control to adjust the amount of diffuser effect are you are looking to achieve. This chi pro dvd hair dryingerd diffuser is a great addition to your professional hair dryers and is perfect for adding a diffuser effect to your hair dryers. This is a professional grade product that is made with high quality materials and components.

Chi Pro Low EMF Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Lace Professional Hair Dryer BB21
CHI:Rocket Black And Silver Dryer (us plug ) , 2.4 Lbs.

CHI:Rocket Black And Silver Dryer

By Chi-Appliances


1500 Watts New




CHI 1875 Series Advanced Ionic Hair Dryer with 2 attachments Ruby Red CA2312
New CHI PRO LOW EMF Professional Pearl White Hair Dryer with Nozzle

Chi Diffuser

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Chi Hair Dryer Diffuser

The chi 1400w series foldable dryer is perfect for busy lives where drippy hair is not your thing. This dryer comes with a diffuser to help keep your hair looking clean and explosively tired. the chi blow dryer diffuser attachment is perfect for keeping your hair dry and looking its best. This attachment includes a light black color that is perfect for any hair type. the chi gf1505 pro is a low emf professional hair dryer with diffuser attachment that uses 1500w of power. It has a digital camera with autofocus and 1-inchtemporary quadrant board with 5 micron zones for high-quality sound. The hair dryer can also be set to do hair pressing, 2oning or snagging without any noise. The chi gf1505 is also equipped with two heat ports, so you can leave the hair dryer set-up to your own choice. the chi rocket diffuser attachment for the volumizer 4-in-1 brush helps keep your bristles in place while you style your hair. The unique design allows you to style your hair in a variety of directions with just one attachment.